Force success with recruitment drive

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe says the Force has turned around its recruitment campaign after hitting its allocation for  the first year.

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 Federation seeks assurances on pensions remedy

The Federation has written to Home Secretary Priti Patel to seek evidence and clarification that the implementation of the public sector pensions remedy would not cause further discrimination to officers.

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 Wellbeing lead stresses it’s OK not to be OK

Gwent Police Federation workplace representative Danielle Threader says she’s looking forward to helping members in her new role as the branch conduct and wellbeing officer.

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 New resource launched as part of Stress Awareness Month  

How to achieve your goals is the theme of a new video for Stress Awareness Month (April). 

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 Police response to pandemic praised

The chair of Gwent Police Federation has welcomed praise for police forces and their ‘immediate and decisive’ action in response to the extreme circumstances of the pandemic in a report published today by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS).


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 Annalea becomes branch secretary

Annalea Kift says she wants to make a difference to the careers and the lives of police officers in her new role as secretary of Gwent Police Federation.

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 Remember Matt Ratana with virtual 10k

Could you help boost funds?

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 Driving lead seeking officers’ experiences with car insurance premiums

Has your personal car insurance premium increased as a result of an on-duty driving incident?

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 Federation wellbeing lead welcomes mental health programme 

Gwent Police Federation wellbeing lead Annalea Kift has welcomed the launch of a new online toolkit tailored to support police officers with their mental health during the ongoing pandemic. 

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 Building resilience: online sessions

Are you feeling anxious about getting used to the ‘new normal’ as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease?

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 Free guide created to help officers improve health

Gwent Police Federation wellbeing lead Annalea Kift is encouraging members to have a read of a free guide that has been created to help officers improve their physical and mental health.

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 Free guide on stress awareness available for members

Gwent Police Federation wellbeing lead Annalea Kift is urging members to take advantage of a free guide that has been created to help them manage their stress levels.


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 ‘We need clarity on lockdown’

The chair of Gwent Police Federation has backed the national chair’s call for “crystal clear” guidance as lockdown restrictions are eased.

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 Members urged to give feedback on Federation support

Members are being urged to give feedback on their interactions with Gwent Police Federation’s officials, workplace representatives and staff.

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 Federation set to welcome Specials

“They deserve to have our backing.”

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 Help shape the future of the College of Policing

A fundamental review of the College of Policing has been launched and Gwent Police Federation members are being encouraged to have their say.

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 Policing the pandemic: how has crisis impacted on new recruits?

Gwent Police Federation’s conduct and wellbeing lead Annalea Kift says she’s concerned how the pandemic has impacted the training and development of new recruits to the Force.

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 One year on: chair reflects on the pandemic

The mental health impact of the coronavirus will be felt for a long time, says Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.

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 Minute’s silence for Day of Reflection

Gwent Police Federation will be observing a minute’s silence at 12 noon today as part of a National Day of Reflection. 

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 This year the Police Treatment Centre’s flagship event Back on the Beat, goes virtual!

For the first time ever we are holding a totally virtual event! Riders can take part in the comfort of their own homes or safely in their local area.

In the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we decided that holding an event at the Centres and around North Yorkshire would not be possible this year. However, we want to ensure that our fantastic riders and fundraisers still have a chance to support the charity.

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 Factsheet helps promote financial wellbeing

Members can get tips and advice to improve their financial wellbeing in a free new factsheet.

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 PCCs call for time limits on conduct inquiries

A House of Commons committee has heard evidence about the impact of lengthy conduct investigations on officers – from Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs).

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 National chair says officers must work with politicians to get voices heard

National Federation chair John Apter says it is vital that officers continue to work with politicians as he and Home Secretary Priti Patel acknowledge the strengthening relationship between the Federation and the Government.


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 Wellbeing focus for Response Policing Week

Gwent Police Federation’s wellbeing lead has welcomed a National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) week of action aimed at recognising and celebrating the work of response police officers.

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 Free debt advice

Free debt advice is being offered to Gwent Police Federation members.

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 Fed chair speaks about losing his Mum as part of National Day of Reflection 

National Federation chair John Apter has shared his experience of losing his Mum during the global pandemic, as forces and Federation branches across the country pledge to support this month’s National Day of Reflection.

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 Women in Policing Award returns

Officers can nominate colleagues who they feel have made an outstanding contribution to women in policing for a national Federation award.

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 Look after your wellbeing with the help of Police Mutual

Members can make positive changes to improve their lifestyle with the help of new factsheets from Police Mutual.

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 Your Federation magazine

The latest edition of Forum, the magazine for Gwent Police Federation members, is available online now and the cover features new recruits of the four-legged kind.


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 Police Covenant: proposed legislation unveiled

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe says proposals in a new criminal justice bill will make a real difference to members.

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  Free debt advice

Free debt advice is being offered to Gwent Police Federation members.

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 Covid jabs: officers should be prioritised

The Government has a moral duty to protect police officers and their families yet is hiding behind the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) when denying officers priority access to the Covid vaccine, according to Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.


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 “Public need confidence in stop and search”

The chair of Gwent Police Federation says it’s vital communities have confidence in officers’ use of stop and search.

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 Mental wellbeing: support is available

The chair of Gwent Police Federation says the emotional impact of the coronavirus pandemic cannot be underestimated and that officers should not suffer in silence with poor mental health.


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 Chair hopeful as the Senedd prepares to debate officer vaccine priority

Gwent Police Federation’s chair is hopeful for change as the Senedd prepares to debate giving officers some priority in the vaccination roll-out programme.

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 Time to consider your financial wellbeing?

A new Police Mutual factsheet aims to help police officers take control of their financial wellbeing during the ongoing pandemic.

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 Covid restrictions: “We need clarity”

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe is calling for more clarity to enable fairer policing of lockdown restrictions.

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 We need your help: Federation in plea to officers in jab campaign

Officers who have been working on the frontline during the pandemic are being urged to share their experiences with the Federation.

The four Federation branches in Wales have been campaigning for officers to be allowed to be offered jabs that would otherwise go to waste at the end of Covid-19 vaccination clinics.

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 Online financial advice available for officers

A number of free online sessions are now available to help members manage their finances better.

From understanding borrowing to will planning, the 30-minute modules cover a broad range of topics to assist those needing extra support when dealing with their money.


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 ‘Police should be on reserve lists for left-over vaccines’

Frontline police officers and staff should at the very least be among those on a daily reserve list for any spare vaccines that would otherwise go to waste, the Police Federation’s Welsh lead has argued.

While calling for frontline workers to be offered any spare vaccines at the end of each day, Mark Bleasdale also reiterated calls for police officers and staff to be prioritised in the roll-out programme for the Covid jabs.

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 Wellbeing seminars: book your place

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe is urging members to focus on their own welfare and wellbeing with the help of a series of webinars.


Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service, is putting together a series of online events to support police officers and staff with their physical and mental health.

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 Governments accused of dereliction of duty over officer jabs

All 43 Federation branches in England and Wales have published an open letter condemning the Governments in Cardiff and Westminster over their failure to prioritise police officers in the current vaccine roll-out programme.

It comes just days after the four Welsh Federation branches sent an open letter to the First Minister in Wales calling for frontline police officers to receive the Covid-19 vaccination as a matter of priority.


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 First Minister accused of failing to help protect officers during pandemic

The four Police Federation branches of Wales have joined forces in an open letter to the First Minister of Wales suggesting he has reneged on his commitment to protect police officers during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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 Time to Talk Day – mental health advice available

A free guide has been created to encourage Federation members to open up about their mental health.

Now, more than ever, it is important for everyone to look after our own wellbeing, while checking up on family, friends and colleagues

The handy guide, created by Police Mutual to coincide with today’s Time to Talk Day, includes everything from helpful tips on looking after your own wellbeing, to links to useful charities.

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 Federation reveals cost of lengthy conduct investigations

It is shocking and bewildering that conduct investigations are still being allowed to drag on for years at a significant cost to officers’ health and to the public purse, says Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.

He was reacting to the publication of research by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) which reveals that, taking into account the average cost of running investigators’ offices, legal aid and officers being on restricted duties or suspended, an investigation lasting up to six months costs an estimated £15,101 per officer. This then increases by 20 times to £302,012 when the investigation exceeds five years.

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 New guide to terms and conditions of service

The Police Federation has issued a new Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for officers’ terms and conditions of service.

The new guide, which replaces the issue dated July 2020, reflects the removal of the bottom pay point for sergeants as well as the extension to paid maternity leave and adoption leave and to Targeted Variable Payments.

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 Gwent chair backs national Federation calls on officer vaccines

Gwent Police Federation is supporting the national Federation chair’s repeated call for officers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 after the results of the demand, capacity and welfare survey revealed the true extent of the impact of the virus on them.

The 2020 Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) survey, which forms part of the Federation submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body, was conducted towards the end of last year and was branded the most important of its kind. It attracted more than 12,000 results from the 43 Federation branches across England and Wales. 

There were 156 responses from Gwent Police, which equates to around 12 per cent, and of those 64 per cent were from constables, 21 per cent from sergeants, 11 per cent from inspectors and four per cent from chief inspectors.


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 Disappointment at recruitment figures

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe says new figures that show the Force has seen an uplift of only 27 officers in the Government’s high-profile recruitment campaign are “disappointing”.

Steve says there’s a lot of hard work needed to meet the Force’s allocation of 62 officers in Year 1 of the three-year drive, which aims to increase officer numbers across England and Wales by 20,000.

The Force has seen the joint second lowest uplift across England and Wales along with Dyfed Powys and Wiltshire. Only Dorset has had a smaller uplift.

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 Chair discusses horrific ‘Covid’ attack

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe appeared on national television to talk about the “horrific” moment he was attacked by a thug claiming to have Covid-19.

Steve spoke to Good Morning Britain about the assault which happened as he was dealing with a group of people out during lockdown.

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 Criticism of the IOPC is “perfectly justified” says Fed chair

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe has supported the Federation’s national conduct and performance chair in his criticism of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) yesterday.

Phill Matthews told the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the role and remit of the IOPC that there is “absolutely no incentive” for the IOPC, or appropriate authority, to deal with things promptly and properly.

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 Fed says it has the evidence needed ahead of IOPC inquiry

The Federation says it has enough evidence to show the damaging impact long-lasting complaint investigations can have on officers, ahead of its appearance today at the Government inquiry into the role and remit of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Conduct and performance chair Phill Matthews will be giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, calling for the introduction of a 12-month limit on disciplinary investigations against officers

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 Tougher sentences needed for those who weaponise Covid-19

The chair of Gwent Police Federation has called for tougher sentences for anyone choosing to use Covid-19 as a weapon.

Steve Thorpe was reacting to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) releasing figures revealing that assaults on emergency workers were the most common coronavirus-related crime in the first six months of the pandemic.

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 Federation set to give evidence to Government inquiry into IOPC

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is to give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) to evidence the detrimental and costly impact lengthy conduct investigations have on police officers.

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 Chair welcomes Home Secretary’s efforts on Covid jab roll-out to officer

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe has welcomed the news that the Home Secretary is working to prioritise police officers in the next phase of the coronavirus vaccine roll-out.

Priti Patel, who was interviewed on LBC Radio by Nick Ferrari, said she has been working with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to effectively fast-track officers, along with firefighters and teachers, in the queue for the vaccine and that Health Secretary Matt Hancock is “100 per cent” supporting her.

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 Officers offered dyslexia tests and support

Members are being offered dyslexia tests and may be entitled to extra support to help them at work.

If officers wonder whether they are dyslexic, in-house screening tests are now available through the Force.

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 Officers urged to consider detective roles

Uniformed officers are being encouraged to consider training to become a detective.

Karen Stephens, secretary of the Police Federation’s National Detectives’ Forum, says the role is tough but rewarding.

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 Feeling the effects of Blue Monday?

Beat the blues this ‘Blue Monday’ thanks to a free guide full of handy hints and tips on how to get motivated this January.

From cold and wet weather, short days and overhanging Christmas debt all having an impact on our mood, the third Monday in January is thought to be the most depressing day of the year and is known as Blue Monday.

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 Pre-charge bail: reform is welcomed

Police will be able to release suspects on pre-charge bail for 90 days rather than the current 28 days under the latest reform of arrangements.

While Home Secretary, former Prime Minister Theresa May introduced a 28-day cap on pre-charge bail as part of the Policing and Crime Act.

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 Get Active for police charity

This year’s Police Care UK Blue Light Get Active Challenge will be the largest event of its kind.

The police charity, in combination with The Firefighters Charity, The Ambulance Staff Charity and The Children’s Air Ambulance, has launched the 2021 event which will run from Monday (18 January) to 14 February.

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 A message from your chair

It is sad to be starting the year on a sombre note but I would like to start by paying a heart-felt tribute to all our colleagues who won’t be joining us into the new year but who are very much with us in spirit.

It goes without saying that they will be missed by family, friends and colleagues.

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 Cover on the travel policy is dependent upon FCO advice at the time of booking and the date of departure

The FCO are currently advising against all but essential travel and as a result there is no cover under any section of the policy if you were to travel whilst this advice was in force.

Whilst the FCO are advising against all but essential travel if you were to book a holiday for a date later in the year there is no cover under the sections for Cancellation and Curtailment and Change of Itinerary and Travel Delay.

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 Chair shocked by rise in assaults on emergency service workers

Thugs who threaten to weaponise Covid-19 by coughing and spitting at emergency services workers should feel the full weight of the law, says the chair of Gwent Police Federation.

Steve Thorpe says the courts need to send the message that such attacks will not be tolerated.

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 Dry January guide available

Taking part in Dry January and already struggling to stay away from your favourite tipple? A free guide has been made available to help members get through the month. 

The guide showcases the many benefits of reducing our alcohol intake, including the impact it has on sleep, weight loss, mental health and finances.

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 Detectives are paying the price for the pressure of their role, says Fed chair

Detectives are sacrificing their own wellbeing to cope with the ever-growing demand of their roles, says Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.

His comments come as part of a month-long Federation focus on detectives.

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 National Federation chair asks for officers to be prioritised for jabs

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe is supporting a plea from the Federation’s national chair for police officers to be prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Steve was commenting after John Apter wrote to Vaughan Gething, the Welsh minister for health and social services, asking him to reconsider a decision not to make police officers a priority group of workers in the jab roll-out programme.

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 New petition calls for police to be prioritised in jab roll-out

A petition is calling on the Welsh Government to make sure police officers are given priority as the Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out.

The petition has been set up by the father of a police officer who contracted Covid and needs to reach the 10,000 signature mark to spark a debate in the Senedd.

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 Season’s greetings from your Federation

I would like, on behalf of us all at Gwent Police Federation, to wish officers, staff and our team of volunteers a safe and happy Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year.

I would also like to put on record my thanks to each and every officer, member of staff and Special for their efforts throughout this year. People have worked incredibly hard in extremely challenging circumstances and everyone in the Federation office recognises that.

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 Police Mutual factsheets

Police Mutual has issued three factsheets to offer support and advice for officers.

The first gives tips on improving your credit profile, another gives suggestions for a financial detox and the final one addresses the issue of loneliness.

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 Home Office releases use of force statistics

Gwent Police Federation’s chair has called for offenders who attack police to feel the full weight of the law as new figures show an increase in officers using force to protect themselves.

Steve Thorpe’s comments come as a new Home Office report shows there were 492,000 recorded police use of force incidents in the year to March – a rise of 64,000 on the previous year.

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 Pension update: Government will issue remedy proposals in the spring

The Government will issue its proposals for the remedy to the discrimination found in the implementation of the 2015 Police Pension Scheme in the spring, it has been confirmed.

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 Focus on conduct work

A number of police officers have shared their personal experiences of being subject to misconduct investigations.

The stories of four officers have been shared by the Police Federation to highlight the work that’s being done in the area by its conduct and performance sub-committee and branches across England and Wales.

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 Chair’s policing pandemic evidence to House of Lords

The national chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has told the House of Lords that he “couldn’t be prouder” of how colleagues had policed the pandemic.

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 “Worrying about money can impact on your wellbeing”

Opening up about your financial concerns can improve your mental health, according to a debt management expert.

Antony Price, partnership development manager at PayPlan, a national service which provides free debt advice, says worrying about money and debt can impact your wellbeing.

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 Politicians address online briefing on the work of Welsh Government

Former First Minister for Wales Carwyn Jones was among the politicians to take part in an online event organised by the Police Federation’s Welsh Affairs Sub-Committee (WASC).

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 Maternity and adoption leave pay extended

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe has welcomed an increase in police officers’ entitlement to full pay while on maternity or adoption leave.

From 4 January 2021, officers on maternity or adoption leave will receive full pay for 26 weeks instead of 18.

Steve said the move would help the Force attract officers to policing and help to retain some of those already in service.

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 Seek help if you have money worries

The Police Federation is here to help if you have money worries this Christmas, says Gwent branch chair Steve Thorpe.

Steve says worrying about your finances can impact on your mental health and he’s encouraging members to seek support if they have issues.

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 Lowest sergeants’ pay point removed

The lowest pay point on the sergeants pay scale has now been removed.

The change came into effect on 1 September 2020 along with the annual pay rise.

“I think this marks a significant step forward in terms of encouraging PCs to consider putting themselves through the promotion process to become sergeants,” says Steve Thorpe, chair of Gwent Police Federation.

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 Is it time for a financial detox?

The Police Federation is encouraging members to take control of their money over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

It is signposting officers to a handy new factsheet produced by Police Mutual, which tells you all you need to know about a financial detox.

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 Your magazine

The December edition of Forum, the magazine for members of Gwent Police Federation, is out now.

This edition gives a full report of members’ responses in the Federation’s annual pay and morale survey.

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 Pay and morale survey: impact of pandemic on policing is revealed

The impact the pandemic has had on Gwent officers has been revealed after today’s release of the findings of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) annual pay and morale survey.

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 Cash prize up for grabs

Christmas could come early for one lucky winner with £2,020 up for grabs in a competition being run by Police Mutual.

Police Mutual, which offers financial services for serving or retired police officers, staff and their families, is giving away the cash in a free prize draw.

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 Fed chair condemns pay freeze

National Federation chair John Apter has called the confirmed pay freeze for all but the lowest paid public sector workers a ‘kick in the teeth for police officers’.

He was reacting to yesterday’s Spending Review announcement in which Chancellor Rishi Sunak also detailed plans for some public sector workers who earn below the median wage of £24,000 to be guaranteed a pay rise of at least £250.

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 Federation reacts to speculation on public sector pay

Freezing the pay of police officers and other public sector workers would be hypocritical, according to the chair of Gwent Police Federation.

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 Are you a latte lover or a cappuccino connoisseur?

You can earn yourself a free Costa coffee by getting a quote for car or home insurance through Police Mutual.

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 Officers now allowed Taser in court

A change in legislation allowing police officers to carry Taser in court means they will be better able to protect themselves, court staff and members of the public, says Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.

Steve was commenting after the Lord Chief Justice amended the Criminal Practice Direction which, subject to local policy, will mean officers will no longer have to remove the devices when in court giving evidence, delivering exhibits or attending on other routine business.

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 Public urged to have their say on policing budget

Gwent’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is seeking the public’s views on the policing element of the next annual council tax precept.

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 Offenders must get tough sentences for officer attacks’

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe has called for the toughest possible sentences to be given to offenders who weaponise Covid-19 against police officers.

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 Final reminder for Federation survey

As the closing date for this year’s Police Federation Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey approaches, members are being urged to voice their experiences of policing the pandemic.

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 Look at your finances during Talk Money Week

Members are being encouraged to review their finances as part of Talk Money Week which starts today.

And Gwent Police Federation says there are positive steps members can make to improve their financial wellbeing.

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 Sleep guide offers handy tips

Shift work can be harmful to sleep patterns, but a new guide could help members to sleep soundly afterwards.

The free factsheet explains why working shifts can be harmful to sleep and provides tips on what members can do to put themselves in a position for a good quality sleep when a run of shifts has finished.

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 Sergeant Matt Ratana: funeral service today

The funeral of Sergeant Matt Ratana will take place at 11.30am today (Wednesday 4 November).

The service will be led by the Reverend Prebendary Jonathan Osborne MBE, senior chaplain with the Metropolitan Police Service, and Maori speaker the Venerable Jo Kelly-Moore, Archdeacon of Canterbury.

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 ‘Pandemic adds to the strain on people’

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe is encouraging members to look out for each other’s mental health during International Stress Awareness Week.

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 Federation welcomes Taser move

A move by the College of Policing to allow officers with Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) to apply for Taser training has been welcomed by Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe.

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 Force just under Year 1 recruitment target

The Force only needs to recruit nine more people to hit its first year allocation of new officers under the Government’s uplift plan.

Shortly after becoming Prime Minister last year, Boris Johnson announced plans to recruit 20,000 new officers during a three-year recruitment drive.

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 The feeling of helping a colleague is priceless

The new chair of Gwent Police Federation says his latest role feels like a natural progression and that it is a position he has aspired to since first joining the Federation. 

Steve Thorpe left his role as neighbourhood response sergeant in Monmouthshire to take on his new full-time position following the retirement of the previous branch chair, Maria Henry.


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 Combatting violence against officers is top of Federation’s agenda

National chair John Apter says the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) will continue to campaign for tough sentences to deter attacks on officers.

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 Members urged to complete 2020 Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey

Members are being reminded to use this year’s Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey to voice their personal experiences of policing the pandemic.

The survey, conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales, will close on 16 November.


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 Factsheet launched to mark World Menopause Day

Police Mutual launched a new factsheet to mark World Menopause Day which was on Sunday (18 October).


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 Backing for Police Covenant

p>Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe says he’s pleased the Police Covenant continues to have the backing of the Government.

Steve says a Police Covenant would be a big step in improving the support and protection for police and would make a difference to officers and their families.

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 Gwent chair retires

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry has retired, after 12 years as a workplace representative and the last two as a full-time official.

Maria first became a rep after being thankful for the support of the Federation when she faced disciplinary proceedings.

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 Your Federation magazine

Maria Henry bids a fond farewell to Gwent Police writing her last foreword for the Gwent Police Federation autumn magazine.

Maria, chair of Gwent Police Federation for the last two years, has now retired from the Force and shares her thoughts on policing in her column.

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 Inspectors’ exam: update

All sergeants who completed the online inspectors’ exam earlier this week will be awarded the grade they attained, despite the College of Policing suspending the exam due to technical problems.

If they did not pass, they will be offered a quick time re-sit.

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 World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day tomorrow (10 October) is arguably the most important one yet as coronavirus continues to impact negatively on all our lives.

Research by mental health charity Mind suggests more than 16, 000 people said their mental health has deteriorated during the pandemic; many people have developed new mental health problems and existing issues have been exasperated.

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 Extra funding for coronavirus enforcement

The Force is being given more than £300,000 to help fund coronavirus enforcement.

Details of a total of £60 million in surge funding were announced on Wednesday. The funding will be split equally between local councils and police forces.

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 BBC research shows how Covid-19 is being weaponised

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry has called for the toughest possible sentences for offenders who weaponise Covid-19 against police officers.

Maria says being attacked by thugs claiming to have coronavirus symptoms can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of officers.

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 Win a £100 gift card

You can win a £100 e-gift card to spend with Nike, Under Armour or Sweaty Betty in a competition being run by Perkjam.

And, as an added bonus, Perkjam will also give a £100 donation to the Federation branch that generates the most entrants.

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 Share your views in new survey

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry is encouraging members to use a new survey as a chance to discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Maria says this year’s Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey, which is being conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales, is an opportunity for members to have their say on a range of issues, including policing the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

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 Chair shocked by increase in officer assaults

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry says she’s “shocked and sickened” by a rise in the number of attacks on police officers and other emergency service personnel.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has released new figures which show a 29 per cent increase in assaults on emergency services personnel in the four weeks to 30 August compared to the same period in 2019.

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 ‘App can help tackle Covid-19’

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry says the contact-tracing app is an additional way of tackling the spread of coronavirus.

The Federation is encouraging officers to download the app to their personal phones and use it while working.

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 Prince Charles pays tribute to fallen officers in memorial day message

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry paid tribute to officers who have died in the line of duty as the country paid its respects on National Police Memorial Day (NPMD).

Maria said the service yesterday was “particularly poignant” coming two days after Metropolitan Police Sergeant Matiu (Matt) Ratana was shot dead at a Croydon custody centre.

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 Tribute to fallen Met officer

The shocking death of a Metropolitan Police officer will be felt across the country but particularly by the policing family, says Maria Henry, chair of Gwent Police Federation.

Maria made the comments after the officer was shot in an incident at a Croydon custody centre in the early hours of this morning. Despite the efforts of colleagues and paramedics, he died in hospital.

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 Memorial Day online on Sunday

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry is encouraging members to add their messages to a tribute wall as part of this year’s National Police Memorial Day.

The memorial day service, which had been due to take place at Lincoln Cathedral, will now take place online due to Covid-19 restrictions, on Sunday (27 September) at 3pm.

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 Time Limits campaign reaches MPs

“Long-drawn-out disciplinary investigations are having a devastating effect on so many colleagues; ruining their careers, leaving a mark on their mental health and on their loved ones.”


These were the words of Gwent Police Federation secretary Nicky Ryan in support of the fact that the Federation has submitted compelling evidence to Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee in a bid to reduce investigation timescales.

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 Jail sentences for officer assaults to be doubled

New legislation will be fast-tracked to double the maximum sentences for assaults on police officers from 12 months to two years.

The Government has brought forward a change in the law in response to extensive lobbying by the national Police Federation and its Protect the Protectors campaign in the wake of a growing number of assaults on officers.

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 Federation welcomes IOPC improvements

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry today welcomed improvements in the timeliness of investigations by the police watchdog.

Maria says the Federation will continue to work with the Independent Office for Police Conduct on the issue in its aim to ensure investigations are completed within 12 months of an allegation.

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 Police minister praises ‘outstanding’ Flint House

The police minister has warned officers that the moment they stop paying their Flint House donation is probably the moment they will need the facility.

Kit Malthouse visited the rehabilitation centre in Oxfordshire and described it as ‘outstanding’ but expressed concern that the number of donating officers was falling. 

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 Pay and morale survey reminder

All members who have not already filled in the annual Police Federation of England and Wales pay and morale survey are being urged to do so before it’s too late. 

The survey will close at midnight tomorrow (11 September). It has been issued via the Federation’s national member database and is used in the Federation’s annual submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) which advises the Government on officer pay. 

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 Police Covenant welcomed

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry today welcomed a decision to enshrine a Police Covenant in law and says it will recognise the unique role of officers and staff.

Maria was speaking after the Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed at the Police Superintendents’ Association annual conference that the Police Covenant will be introduced in legislation.

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 Mental health webinars – new dates released

Free online wellbeing sessions are being made available to police officers and staff, so they can talk about their mental health.

The webinar resilience check-ins are being held on 23 September, 6 October and 19 October and are being funded by the Police Federation of England and Wales. They will be run by National Police Wellbeing Service – Oscar Kilo – and led by Bailey and French, a consultancy firm with a ‘focus on the power of positive psychology’.

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 PPE survey – please share your views

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry is encouraging members to contribute to a study into the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic.

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 Get active to help Police Care UK

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry is encouraging members to support Police Care UK while boosting their own fitness and mental wellbeing.

The Get Active Challenge starts this month with officers and staff – and their family, friends and supporters – encouraged to get involved, to get moving and to help the national police charity.

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 Home Secretary in interview with Fed chair

The Home Secretary has told the Police Federation of England and Wales she will press Twitter to remove content that is harmful to police officers and policing.

Speaking in an exclusive online interview with Federation chair John Apter, Priti Patel said that would also be a message to the individuals who choose to post inappropriate video clips of policing and, in particular, the abuse of police officers.

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 Safety review: changes must be made

The secretary of Gwent Police Federation has called for the findings of a review into police safety to be swiftly implemented.

Nicky Ryan has welcomed a wide-ranging Officer and Staff Safety Review report from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and College of Policing which makes 28 recommendations to improve officer safety.

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 Flint House re-opens on Monday

Flint House, the police rehabilitation centre, is preparing to re-open after coronavirus forced its closure earlier in the year.

A limited number of physiotherapy patients will be able to visit the centre on a mostly non-residential basis from Monday (7 September) but some patients who have completed remote consultations may be offered a five-day residential stay following an initial coronavirus assessment and ongoing screening.

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 Look after your health

“Being physically healthy or the best version of yourself that you can be has never been so important.”

This is the message from a new Police Mutual video which has been produced to encourage members to adopt a healthier lifestyle in the fight against coronavirus.

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 Assaults increase by 31 per cent

Assaults on emergency service workers have increased by 31 per cent when comparing July this year to the same period last year.

The figures, released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, cover the four weeks to 2 August 2020 and have been compared with the same four weeks in 2019.

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 Lockdown crime fall was expected

The chair of Gwent Police Federation says a 32 per cent drop in recorded crime during lockdown was to be expected.

But Maria Henry has warned figures will rise as restrictions continue to be eased.

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 Home Office pensions update

The Home Office has set out guidance in relation to Immediate Detriment Pensions Cases.

This relates to the treatment of police officers who are due to retire imminently, including those taking ill-health retirement, who are impacted by the McCloud/Sargeant judgement.

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 Forces to get access to new Taser

The Home Secretary’s announcement that police officers can be equipped with a new model of Taser has been welcomed by Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry.

Priti Patel has approved the use the more accurate, faster and compact Taser 7 for use by all 43 forces in England and Wales.

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 Forces urged to share BWV footage

Forces need to redress the balance and release body-worn video footage to counter the criticism levelled at officers when members of the public post short clips of their interactions with the public on social media, the national chair of the Police Federation has argued.

John Apter says this would help show the full story behind the clips that, having appeared on social media, are often picked up by media outlets.

He has now requested a meeting with Martin Hewitt, chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, and Mike Cunningham, chief executive officer at the College of Policing, to discuss his concerns about the growing trend of officers being vilified when selective clips of their interactions with the public are shared on social media platforms and then broadcast by the media.

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 Pensions action: appeal to former officers

Officers who have left the Force after taking ill-health retirement or through the Voluntary Exit Scheme are being urged to get in touch with the Police Federation as it prepares its group action over the discrimination found in the transitional arrangements put in place with the introduction of the 2015 Police Pension Scheme.

More than 43,000 officers have applied to join the action but the Police Federation of England and Wales, after reviewing the applications following the original 31 July deadline, has discovered that none came from officers who had left the Force either due to ill-health retirement or through a voluntary exit.

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 Sign petition to support Harper’s Law campaign

Lissie Harper has launched a petition to back her Harper’s Law campaign which is calling for those convicted of killing a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, prison officer or paramedic to face life in prison.


Lissie, widow of PC Andrew Harper, the Thames Valley Police officer horrifically killed while on duty in August last year, has thanked everyone for supporting her campaign so far and urged people to sign the petition.

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 Gwent Forum Summer 2020

 Online service for National Police Memorial Day

An online service will be held to mark this year’s National Police Memorial Day.

The event was planned to take place at Lincoln Cathedral on Sunday 27 September but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The online event, to be held at 3pm on the day of the original service, will also include a tribute wall which has already been launched so that people can add their own messages remembering fallen colleagues.

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 Federation conduct leads call for better IOPC training

Better training would help improve the time it takes investigators from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to decide whether officers involved in Post-Incident Procedures (PIP) are witnesses or suspects or if the case will be referred to the force or the watchdog, according to the Police Federation.

Federation conduct and performance leads taking part in a virtual meeting with Kathie Cashell, the IOPC’s director of strategy and impact, last week were asked to give their feedback on how processes could be improved.

They reported that at times there seemed to be a ‘lack of empowerment’ and said IOPC investigators were slow in making decisions when involved in PIP.

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 Have your say on pay and morale

Members are being urged to take part in the annual Police Federation pay and morale survey.

The findings of the survey are used as evidence in the Federation’s yearly submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) which advises the Government on officer pay.

“We need as many members as possible to respond to this survey,” says Maria Henry, chair of Gwent Police Federation, “Not only does the national Federation use the findings when making its submission to PRRB but we also use them in our discussions with the chief officers and senior leaders here in Gwent.

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 Pay rise welcomed

The Police Federation will continue to fight to repair the damage years of austerity did to officers’ salaries, says Gwent branch secretary Nicky Ryan in welcoming the 2.5 per cent police pay award announced yesterday.

Nicky said the award was the first step towards bringing police pay back to where it should be.

“Given that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and the country is under financial pressure at the moment, the 2.5 per cent pay award is welcome,” said Nicky.

“But we know that officers saw their pay drop by 18 per cent in real terms during the years of austerity, so there is still a long way to go.

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 Public service pension schemes consultation announcement

This morning HM Treasury published details of a Public service pension schemes consultation process which started today and will close on 11 October 2020.

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 Pensions action: deadline extended

More than 36,000 officers have already applied to join the Police Federation’s group action for compensation after the introduction of the 2015 pension scheme.

The deadline for submitting applications was originally set for this Friday (17 July) but this has now been extended to 31 July to give Federation branches more time to manage the high level of enquiries they are receiving.

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 The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House Support to Policing - Corona Virus Update July 7thnd 2020

Flint House

To keep you and your Federation members updated the following update is for all in Policing who are involved in officer wellbeing and welfare at this challenging time.

Following the latest Government advice regarding COVID -19 we are unable to accept or hold application forms for residential treatments.
We are working hard to ensure that the Centre is safe for staff and ready to receive patients on site as soon as it is safe to do so.

Following the latest Government advice regarding COVID -19 we are unable to accept or hold application forms for residential treatments.

We are working hard to ensure that the Centre is safe for staff and ready to receive patients on site as soon as it is safe to do so.

However we have adapted our approach to work with patients via the internet, dealing both with the backlog of Attendance Applications booked in for whilst lockdown was in force, and now those going forward.

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 The PAG Report & Treatment of Police Pensions upon Divorce

The report of the Pension Advisory Group (“PAG”), “a Guide to the Treatment of Pensions on Divorce” was published in July 2019.

Three recent decisions by the Family Court concerning the divisions of pensions have all referenced the PAG report as being influential on judicial decision making.

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 PFEW to launch Compensation Claim against Government

15th May 2020

Group Action the ‘only step available’ to ensure members are treated fairly

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 Important Message for Retired Members

We have been made aware of an issue with insurance premiums this month.

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 Thank you letter from Crime and Policing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP.

  Vice Chair Ché Donald, with Police Care UK’s Director of Research, Dr Jess Miller.

This youtube video gives guidance to help Officer deal with the effects of Covid 19. It is facilitated by Vice Chair Ché Donald, with Police Care UK’s Director of Research, Dr Jess Miller.

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 Nation Police Chiefs Council Personal Protection Equipment Guidance - COVID 19

Nation Police Chiefs Council Personal Protection Equipment Guidance - COVID 19

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 Statement was issued on 9 April 2020 by PFEW around the acceptance of PPE guidance

‘The attached statement was issued on 9 April 2020 by PFEW around the acceptance of PPE guidance and access that Officers have to PPE. As Gwent Federation Representatives we are pleased to be able to say that Gwent Senior Officers believe that Officers should be offered access to IIR fluid resistant surgical masks when working in a vehicle as part of a double crew, and actively encourage all Officers to utilise the PPE that is provided.’

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 Group Insurance - Sickness Benefit Claims (COVID-19)

Please be reassured during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation we will be handling Sickness Benefit Claims as a priority to ensure there is no undue delay in issuing benefit payments for members. We are hoping to maintain our usual service standards for these specific claims (turnaround within 3 – 5 working days). Members should be mindful that outstanding documentation will not be chased and it is therefore important to ensure the relevant signed paperwork is emailed in good time for payment to be made in the usual timeframes.

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In the first instance you should obtain and follow advice given by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and local or UK health authorities.

Where you have a query that relates to your travel plans, you must contact your tour operator, airline, accommodation provider or other travel companies to discuss options such as refunds, amendments or postponements.

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 Engineering work on our phone lines

Engineers will be working on the phone lines at the Federation Office on 5 March 19 which may cause disruption. If you are unable to get through to the Federation Office please send an email to or phone Maria (Chair) on 07583 010580 or Nicky (Secretary) on 07971 572741

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 Update on the remedy to remove discriminatory provisions from the police pension schemes

This update and the attached FAQs are relevant to all members. This is the case whether you originally qualified for any of the transitional protections or not and whether you joined the pension scheme before 1 April 2015 or on or after that date, as ultimately all members are likely to be affected in some way by the remedy.

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 Awgrymiadau ar helpu rhywun i siarad yn agored pan mae rhywbeth yn bod / Little tips for helping someone open up when something’s up

Pan mae rhywun yn cario pryderon a theimladau anodd o gwmpas, gall deimlo’n unig iawn /When someone is carrying around worries and difficult feelings, it can feel very lonely

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 Department for Transport and the Home Office with the National Police Chiefs’ Council are currently conducting a review of Roads Policing.

You may be aware that the Department for Transport and the Home Office with the National Police Chiefs’ Council are currently conducting a review of Roads Policing. As part of this they are gathering evidence from police officers about what roads policing really looks like in terms of amount of time and type of activity, when compared against non-roads policing work.

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 Police Care UK

Police Care UK, are recruiting volunteers

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 Police Federation responds as Taser ‘bidding’ process begins

New ring-fenced funding introduced following PFEW campaign

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 Gwent Forum Magerzine Winter 2019

 Federation response to IOPC ‘reasonable force’ blog

Federation response to IOPC ‘reasonable force’ blog
Firearms lead, Steve Hartshorn, reacts to “inaccurate” publication

Last week the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) published a blog headed ‘Testing the law: reasonable or unreasonable use of force’. It concerned the judgment handed down on a judicial review last month by the High Court that the IOPC acted unlawfully in directing that a firearms officer should face misconduct proceedings for matters that began in 2015.

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 Pay Award Announcement

Pay award is a step in the right direction but our members deserve more Government has announced a 2.5% pay rise for police officers

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 Letter From Branch Secretary Vickie Day

‘Dear Colleague, Thank you to everyone that voted in the recent local federation elections. We are pleased to announce we have three new federation representatives that are available to all members if the need arises. We would like to welcome PC Annalea Kift stationed in Ebbw Vale, PS Steve Thorpe stationed in Pill and PS Joe Smith stationed in Newport Central Custody to our Branch Council.

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  Collective Pension Statement

Police Federation officials representing officers from across England and Wales – our National Board and National Council – have met over the past two days to discuss important issues affecting our members, and top of that list has been pensions. Much has been said to the Police Federation of England and Wales, and to local Federations across the country, since the Supreme Court ruled there could be no appeal by the Government on the Judges' and Firefighters' pension discrimination ruling.

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 Fed poised to strike back on pensions

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) today announces it is prepared to bring any appropriate legal claims on behalf of its membership if its expectations are not met by the Government following the latest development over pensions.

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 Research Invitation :- The Cops and Crewing Diary Study

I’m conducting a research project as part of a PhD programme at Royal Holloway University London, which aims to help better understand the issues that officers face day-to-day. More specifically, this research aims to explore (and evidence!) how crewing levels can affect how police officers think, feel and act.

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 Pension Update - EAT hearings for the judges’ and firefighters’ legal challenge

Police Federation Update of Pension FAQ's

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 Police to receive 2% pay increase in 2018 to 2019

Police to receive 2% pay increase in 2018 to 2019, The award comes after the government removed the public sector pay cap in 2017.

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 Police Bravery Awards 2018

This annual event, sponsored by Police Mutual for 10 years and in its 23rd year, honours some of the finest officers in England and Wales who have performed incredible acts of bravery, while on or off duty. A total of 80 officers from 40 forces across England and Wales were nominated this year. The very deserving nominees this year from Gwent were PS Jon Pursey and PC Chrissie Fortt.

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 Gwent Group Insurance Scheme

Gwent Group Insurance Scheme

Annual Report for Members - 01/04/17 – 31/12/17

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 What would you do if you couldn’t do your job anymore?

The majority of those who have left the police service due to an injury on duty, based on our research, said their primary source of income is either from their police pension or a family member. That’s why we are looking for Ambassador volunteers who can spread the word about our retraining grants that can help those no longer able to do their policing role. Our Ambassadors will conduct presentations, put up posters, represent the Trust at local events and raise awareness on how those injury on duty can register with the Trust.

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 Emergency Response Drivers Bill reaches Parliament

A Ten Minute Rule Bill to be presented in Parliament on Tuesday 19 December will proposes greater protections for police and other 999 services from prosecution while responding to emergencies

Support is building for a change in law so that emergency response drivers engaged in trained driver tactics will be better protected.

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 Significant day in Parliament

A 10-Minute Rule Bill will be read in Parliament on Tuesday 19 December 2017 which could lead to legislative change to better protect emergency response drivers.

Far too many emergency response drivers have found themselves accused of driving carelessly or dangerously when they have simply been doing their job. This will be addressed by MP Sir Henry Bellingham's Bill and could lead to the introduction of an exemption for police and other emergency service workers.

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 Police Remuneration Review Body Letter

This year’s Police Remuneration remit letter which was released from the office on 7th December 2017 at 12pm

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 The Gurney Fund Winter Newsletter

The Gurney Fund Winter Magazine

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 Federation Advice

The Fedration have produced leaflets on popular subjects to aide its members in getting the right Advice

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 Force For Good - Police Mutual Community Fund

 Federation House PFEW Members Offers

Federation House Weekend Stay offers from £50 per night B& B - plus PFEW Members Book your Private Events at Federation House

Federation House is Based Just on the outskirts of London an Easy Commute into the City via train

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 Launch of the New Website And Mobile Applications

Its 2017 and Gwent Police Federation are changing in the way it delivers News and Information to you our members. The New website has a fresh look and feel, together with a new forum so that members can discuss issues concerning them and together with the launch of the website, we are launching out first Android Mobile Application.

The Android Mobile application can be found by going to the Google Play store and searching for "Gwent Police Federation"

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 Freedom of Information Act

The Police Federation of England and Wales became subject to the Freedom of Information Act on 3 April 2017. The federation have created an area on there website available for more information.

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 The Police Treatment Centres

Body armour is often blamed for back & neck pain, but there are multiple factors that can play a role. Physiotherapists at the Police Treatment Centres to help you look after your body whilst wearing body armour.

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 Half of Gwent Police’s budget will be raised through local taxation by 2021

Jeff Cuthbert, the Police and Crime Commissioner, has warned that half of his force’s budget will have to be raised through local taxation by 2021, if current UK Government spending cuts continue.

Speaking to BBC Wales, Mr Cuthbert said he understood that people did not want to pay more for the police precept, which is collected with council tax.

However, if the projected 2% cuts from the Home Office continued, then around 50% of Gwent Police’s budget will have to be paid for locally – compared to around 30% in 2008.

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  Believe in Blue - Thunderclap

This Christmas we want your help to say a huge thank you to each and every police officer to show that they have the support of the British public. Join our Thunderclap and help us spread the word about the amazing work our officers do every day and especially over the festive period when rather than swapping presents and tucking into turkey many of them will spend Christmas Day away from their friends and families potentially putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

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 Public show support for officers carrying Taser

The public have shown their support for police officers having access to Taser, dispelling the myth that it erodes community policing or the British model of policing by consent.

A survey, commissioned by the Police Federation of England and Wales, has shown 71% of respondents consider it acceptable for police officers to carry Taser when on patrol.

Four out of five surveyed said it would make no difference to their decision, or they would be more likely, to approach an officer for assistance if they were carrying a Taser. In addition, 89% said forces should be allowed to train and equip officers if the use of Taser is automatically recorded by Body Worn Video.

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 PCC Launches Police Funding Consultation

Gwent PCC Jeff Cuthbert is required to ensure that all the people who live in Gwent have an efficient and effective police service and he has a legal requirement to set the police budget. With this in mind, Mr Cuthbert launches his Have Your Say consultation survey today.

Since the start of the UK Government's current austerity programme in 2010/11, Gwent Police has delivered 42.1m of efficiency savings to date. However, the Force will still potentially face a recurring deficit of nearly 12 million by 2021/22 as a result of the Home Offices review of the way police forces in England and Wales are funded. This is in addition to the underlying cuts forecast from the effect of the Government's austerity programme. Since 2012, officer numbers in Gwent have been reduced by 220 and staff numbers by 151 (up to 2015).

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