Maternity and adoption leave pay extended

10 December 2020

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe has welcomed an increase in police officers’ entitlement to full pay while on maternity or adoption leave.

From 4 January 2021, officers on maternity or adoption leave will receive full pay for 26 weeks instead of 18.

Steve said the move would help the Force attract officers to policing and help to retain some of those already in service.

He said: “Having a family is a wonderful experience, and this change will give our officers the support they need at a crucial period.

“Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do, and family-friendly policies such as this will help us develop a diverse environment where everyone is welcomed, included and connected.

“I think this sends out a positive message about the Force that will help us to attract new officers at a time when we have a recruitment drive on, and not only that, but to retain officers already here.”

The additional maternity and adoption pay benefits were gained for members through the Police Federation of England and Wales’ participation in the Police Consultative Forum (PCF), the voluntary forum for employer and staff representative bodies.

Further guidance is expected before next year from the National Police Chiefs’ Council National Reward Team (NRT) about the implementation of the new regulations, including clarification for those already on maternity or adoption leave.

Alex Duncan, national Federation secretary, said: “This is a win-win for both society and the forces. Policing is keen to improve diversity and to be better reflective of society. In order to do this, it’s important not only to attract a more diverse workforce but to retain it.

“This is a positive step in enabling those on maternity or adoption leave to be able to better balance having a family with remaining in the police.”

Pleasecontact the branch if you need more information.

Read the new regulations.