Politicians address online briefing on the work of Welsh Government

11 December 2020

Former First Minister for Wales Carwyn Jones was among the politicians to take part in an online event organised by the Police Federation’s Welsh Affairs Sub-Committee (WASC).

The event, which was called “Policing Matters in Wales: Understanding The Challenges”, was opened by the Federation’s Welsh lead, Mark Bleasdale, and also included inputs from Member of the Senedd Dr Dai Lloyd and Paul Morris from the Police Liaison Unit (PLU) which is funded by the four Welsh forces.

The event was attended by more than 20 Federation members and other interested parties and, due to its success, it is hoped to hold similar sessions in the future.

“There are a number of differences in terms of how the Welsh Senedd works when you compare it with Westminster so we felt it would be interesting and informative to ask leading politicians to speak to us about their work and how we can seek to influence on members’ behalf,” says Mark Bleasdale.

Dr Lloyd, who chairs the Senedd’s Health Committee, talked about his work in holding the Government to account, the way in which the committee scrutinises the work of the health minister, something that has been particularly important during the pandemic, and also how the committee has an interest in the work of the prison, probation and justice services in Wales.

In his speech, Mr Jones pointed out that Wales was the only country in the UK not to have devolved justice and policing services and explained the law-making processes.

After an explanation of the work of the PLU by Mr Morris, John Apter, the national chair of the Police Federation, made the closing remarks in which he said he hoped those attending had found it useful and informative and thanked those involved in organising the event.

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