Officers offered dyslexia tests and support

19 January 2021

Members are being offered dyslexia tests and may be entitled to extra support to help them at work.

If officers wonder whether they are dyslexic, in-house screening tests are now available through the Force.

If the test shows officers to have indicators of dyslexia, support can be offered to help them in their work including guidance for ‘Access to Work’ applications which could lead to obtaining useful software and equipment specific to their role. 

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe said: “It is so important for officers to take advantage of these tests, if they either worry about being dyslexic or if somebody else has questioned it.

“Tests like these are a useful way for officers to gain the vital support they need, which could make such a difference in their role going forward.”

Screen stress tests are also being offered for those who are experiencing headaches or eye strain and struggling to read while working. 

While 75 per cent of people with dyslexia are likely to suffer with screen stress, the tests are not exclusive to those who are dyslexic.

“If anyone feels they would benefit from one of these tests, they should get in touch,” added Steve.

“Both tests are open to all officers and staff and they can be self-referred, you don’t need to be referred by a supervisor.”

The Disability Network has financed 100 screen licences for laptops and desktops to change the colour scheme tailored to people’s needs. They can also offer screen overlays and rulers for paperwork if necessary.

To enquire about either or both tests, email