Look after your wellbeing with the help of Police Mutual

Members can make positive changes to improve their lifestyle with the help of new factsheets from Police Mutual.

Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, has produced a wellbeing and workouts guide which aims to help improve your resilience and overcome life’s challenges.

The factsheet focuses on financial wellbeing and helping you stay in control of your money, and on your social wellbeing by staying connected to family and friends.

There’s also a focus on your emotional wellbeing and taking care of your mental health during the pandemic.

And finally, the free factsheet looks at how looking after your physical wellbeing can improve your mental health, with tips on how to take more exercise. (insert link)

In a separate factsheet, Police Mutual examines food and nutrition.

The free guide includes tips on improving eating and drinking habits, such as reducing sugar intake, cutting down on alcohol and staying hydrated.

It also includes tips to help you lose weight and to control your emotional relationship with food.