Free guide created to help officers improve health

Gwent Police Federation wellbeing lead Annalea Kift is encouraging members to have a read of a free guide that has been created to help officers improve their physical and mental health.

Coinciding with World Health Day, which falls annually on 7 April, the guide includes a whole host of handy tips to help readers better their wellbeing.

From getting more sleep, to eating a healthier diet and looking after your finances, the guide covers a range of topics.

Speaking about the importance of looking after our health, Annalea said: “We’ve all faced an extremely challenging 12 months, so it’s more important than ever for officers to keep a check on their mental and physical health. 

“This guide is a must-read for all members. It’s bursting with useful information, which could not only benefit our own wellbeing but also that of those close to us too.”

Each World Health Day has a different theme, with this year’s being ‘to build a fairer and healthier world’. 

Plus, with the campaign falling during Stress Awareness Month, the guide also includes information on how stress can impact our wellbeing. 

Police Mutual, which created the guide, offers financial and wellbeing support to serving and retired officers, as well as their families. 

Read the guide.