Annalea becomes branch secretary

Annalea Kift says she wants to make a difference to the careers and the lives of police officers in her new role as secretary of Gwent Police Federation.

Annalea brings a wealth of experience to the role after almost 24 years in policing and has been the branch’s conduct and wellbeing officer since June last year.

“I’m really proud to be the new secretary of Gwent Police Federation and I’m really looking forward to trying to make a difference for our members, both inside and outside of policing. The new role is going to bring its own challenges but I’m really excited about it," said Annalea.

“I want to ensure that any officer who is experiencing difficulties has the help and the support of the Federation. I have a real passion for looking after our members. We have a unique job and face unique strains and stresses and pressures.

“I recognise that and will do everything I can to make a difference,” she added.

In her role as conduct and wellbeing officer, Annalea introduced a package of wellbeing initiatives. They include a scheme whereby members who report an assault on duty are sent a gift voucher and a project to create an outside meeting area at the Federation office in New Inn.

“Wellbeing is a vital part of the Federation’s work and as well as talking about it and doing our training, I wanted to implement things that can make a difference to members,” she said.

Annalea says her Federation work has given her huge satisfaction and encouraged colleagues to put themselves forward to become a rep in the forthcoming elections.

She said: “If you want to help and support your colleagues then come to the Fed. It can be challenging representing your colleagues but hugely rewarding knowing that you’re making a difference.”

Annalea takes over from Nicky Ryan, who is the new Welsh Affairs lead for the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), while Dani Threader has taken over the role of branch conduct and wellbeing officer.