College launches Welsh Language Scheme

A ground-breaking Welsh Language Scheme launched by the College of Policing has been welcomed by Gwent Police Federation.

The scheme aims to help Welsh forces deliver against Welsh language standards and highlights the college’s commitment to unity on both sides of the border.

The college’s public business in Wales will treat the English and Welsh languages equally under the new scheme.

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe said: “The scheme will bring additional support to our Welsh-speaking members and the College of Policing should be congratulated for pushing ahead with this project.

“This move gives and important signal of the college’s commitment to its support for Welsh police forces and their officers.”

There is no formal obligation for the College of Policing to prepare a statutory language scheme in respect of Welsh but, as the professional body for policing in England and Wales,  it does heavily influence how police services across Wales are governed. 

Development of the scheme was led by North Wales Inspector Gethin Jones, a Welsh speaker, during a secondment to the college’s headquarters in Coventry.

He said: “Working with the college has made me see just how much they support policing in critical areas and it’s fantastic that people from Welsh-speaking communities will have access to that support too.”

The scheme outlines how the College of Policing will deliver some of its services to the public, as well as officers and staff in Wales. 

The Welsh Language Commissioner and the Welsh Language Standards imposed on Welsh police forces have played a critical part in the development of the scheme.

Work to implement the scheme is already underway, including translation of key documentation and support materials.

Find out more about the Welsh Language Scheme.