Officers volunteering to help others

Almost nine out of ten police officers have been doing voluntary or fund-raising work alongside their duties throughout the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey.

Research carried out for today’s Public Service Day by Boundless - a membership club for civil service and public sector workers – revealed 88 per cent of those polled had either volunteered or raised money during the covid crisis.

Officers who responded were also found to have raised an impressive £13,817 per person for charity during the course of their career.

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe welcomed the survey findings but said he was not surprised to hear that so many officers had been involved in voluntary work.

Steve explained: “Most of our members wouldn’t think twice about offering to get involved in charity work and fund-raising activities in their spare time.

“It is in their nature to help out whenever asked so the fact that nine out of 10 police officers have been volunteering throughout the pandemic in addition to their policing duties comes as no surprise to me.

The survey findings were described as ‘fantastic’ by Police Federation chair John Apter.

He said: “Police officers are humble people who do not really want to have the spotlight shone on them. However, I think it is really important we celebrate our colleagues and the difference they make to society both on and off duty.”

Boundless director Darren Milton also paid tribute, adding: “If we didn’t know already just how special the people who work in the police service are, these survey results really underline it.”

The research was conducted for Boundless by Opinion Matters and involved 2,048 employed respondents.

Other survey findings detailed the main voluntary activities supported by police officers and service employees during the pandemic. 

These included: 

· Donating items - 29 per cent

· Organising fund-raising events - 25 per cent

· Delivering meals or items to underprivileged/vulnerable people - 22 per cent

· Organising virtual quiz nights - 16 per cent

· Online counselling -12 per cent

· Producing and sharing information about Covid - 10 per cent

· Taking part in sponsored walks or runs - 10 per cent

· Making or donating PPE - 10 per cent.