Officers ‘deserve better’ says NPCC

Gwent Police Federation has praised the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) after it intervened in the pay row to insist officers “deserve better”.

Martin Hewitt, chair of the NPCC, has written to Ms Patel after she confirmed police pay will be frozen.

His letter says: “Taken together with the continuing effects of a decade of austerity around officers’ pay, there is no question that properly rewarding our incredible people is now a significant issue of concern for chief constables. 

“We simply believe they deserve better and that it is the responsibility of Government to address this across the forthcoming spending period.” 

It continues: “For many it feels unfair and that their contribution is undervalued. And, unlike other parts of the public service, officers do not have the option of industrial action to make their case more strongly.

“As the Government makes spending decisions over coming months, we urge you to fund a settlement which properly reflects the important and complex work police officers do, and starts to address the pay shortfall.”

Gwent Police Federation chair Steve Thorpe said:  “Government ministers have to understand that the men and women responsible for keeping this country safe feel utterly let down. 

“The letter from the NPCC highlights the extraordinary work our members carried out throughout the pandemic and also draws attention to the personal sacrifices they are willing to make as they go out of their way to protect our communities.

“Police officers have been left feeling taken for granted and that their efforts have neither been recognised or properly rewarded.

“I would urge the Home Secretary to read this letter carefully before taking steps to try to fix the broken relationship between Government and policing.”

The Federation has passed a motion of no confidence in the Home Secretary and also announced its withdrawal from the Police Remuneration Review Body.