Pay and morale: survey closes at the end of the month

The Police Federation’s 2021 Pay and Morale Survey is underway and Gwent branch members are being urged to take part before the 30 November deadline.

The survey aims to gain the views from officers on the frontline and its findings will be used to support the national Police Federation campaign for fairer pay for officers and locally in discussions with chief officers.

Gwent branch chair Steve Thorpe said: “The results of this survey could have a big impact on the way future public pay awards are decided so it is vitally important that all our members have their say and there is still plenty of time to take part.

“Our members still feel terribly let down by the way they have been treated by the Government this year and hopefully ministers will take the findings of the survey seriously when they are published.

“The Police Federation will then use the data from the survey to press for change in the way the remuneration system operates.

“Pay and morale are clearly linked and if one improves then so does the other so members should take the opportunity to voice their opinions and try to make a difference moving forward.”

The Pay and Morale Survey is being conducted by the Police Federation’s in-house research department, which plays a vital part in providing strategically important evidence to achieve better pay and conditions for members. 

The Federation sent a link to the survey to all members at the start of November, but please contact the branch office if you need it.