Office manager proves important point of contact for members

Jane Bedding welcomes new recruits and bids farewell to retiring members as part of her role as officer manager for Gwent Police Federation.

Jane’s responsibilities are wide-ranging but an important part of her job is ensuring new officers and officers transferring from other forces are given all the information they need and then processing their member services application forms.

And for members at the other end of the careers, Jane is on hand to manage several aspects of retirement for officers as they prepare to leave the Force such as the Group Insurance Scheme and other member services.

Jane is effectively the first point of contact for members if the chair and secretary are unavailable and is also responsible for making sure members’ queries are logged, allocated to an appropriate Federation representative and tracked.

Jane Bedding

Gwent Police Federation office manager Jane Bedding

She has been working in the Gwent Police Federation office for just over seven months and prior to that gained a wealth of valuable experience over many years as a practice manager in the NHS which stood her in good stead for her current role.

She said: “There’s still lots of work to do but I find there is less pressure.

“The team here are always very supportive and it’s a great place to work.”

Branch secretary Annalea Kift said: “We know we can rely on Jane to make sure the office is running smoothly.

“She’s a great asset to the team and we are pleased to have her on board.”