Believe in Blue - Thunderclap

This Christmas we want your help to say a huge thank you to each and every police officer to show that they have the support of the British public. Join our Thunderclap and help us spread the word about the amazing work our officers do every day and especially over the festive period when rather than swapping presents and tucking into turkey many of them will spend Christmas Day away from their friends and families potentially putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Think of Thunderclap as an "online flash mob". To get involved it just takes a couple of seconds and a few of clicks.

By signing up on Facebook and/or Twitter you’re allowing Thunderclap to share a single message on your behalf – which will be Wednesday 14 December at 12pm.

Thunderclap uses your friends/followers list so it can calculate the reach, they will do absolutely nothing else with it. After the campaign is complete that's it and Thunderclap won’t post anything else on your behalf.

Every day is a new challenge. But one thing remains constant, our police officers work hard each day to protect the communities they serve. From helping to deliver a baby to saving someone from a car crash, these positive stories and many acts of heroism often go unmentioned and unreported. Believe in Blue highlights and celebrates why British policing is the best in the world, bringing together stories of the brilliant and brave work that police officers do day in, day out, to keep us all safe.