Pensions action: appeal to former officers

Officers who have left the Force after taking ill-health retirement or through the Voluntary Exit Scheme are being urged to get in touch with the Police Federation as it prepares its group action over the discrimination found in the transitional arrangements put in place with the introduction of the 2015 Police Pension Scheme.

More than 43,000 officers have applied to join the action but the Police Federation of England and Wales, after reviewing the applications following the original 31 July deadline, has discovered that none came from officers who had left the Force either due to ill-health retirement or through a voluntary exit.

Many of these could be eligible for the compensation claim and Gwent Police Federation is urging members to contact any former colleagues from either of these groups to make them aware of the group action.

“We are trying to ensure than all those eligible to join this action, whether they are serving or retired, are aware of what steps they would need to take,” says Maria Henry, chair of Gwent Police Federation.

“Unfortunately, while we have tried to contact everyone, we fear there are some who are still unaware of the group action or maybe have not had access to the link to the application.

“Please can all officers in touch with former colleagues who took ill-health retirement or left through the Voluntary Exit Scheme mention this claim to them and urge them to get in touch with the Federation.”

The Federation has now further extended its deadline for applications to the end of Thursday 27 August to allow time for the message to reach these former officers. Serving officers can also take advantage of the extended deadline if they wish to apply to join the action.

Retired and serving officers who want to apply are urged to contact the Federation office by