‘App can help tackle Covid-19’

Gwent Police Federation chair Maria Henry says the contact-tracing app is an additional way of tackling the spread of coronavirus.

The Federation is encouraging officers to download the app to their personal phones and use it while working.

Maria said: “With infection rates rising, we must use every tool at our disposal to help control the spread of the virus. The app, used alongside the other guidance on hand hygiene and social distancing, can all help. It’s up to us all to take the necessary steps daily to help protect ourselves and each other and to bring down infection rates.”

The Police Federation of England and Wales had approached the National Police Chiefs’ Council on behalf of members following confusion over guidelines from police chiefs advising officers not to download the app on work phones.

After discussions with the app developers and colleagues from the National Cyber Security Centre, the Federation is supporting the use of the app on members’ personal phones.

John Apter, national Federation chair, said: “The welfare of our members is absolutely paramount, and we view this app as a key part of the public campaign to contain the virus alongside personal protective equipment, distancing and hand hygiene.

“For our colleagues and their families to be as safe as they can be, all these elements need to be used together. It’s, of course, a personal decision if officers now want to download the app. However, we would encourage and urge our 120,000 members to do so for their own safety.”

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